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When we talk about mobile websites, things to consider are the smaller screens of mobile devices and different hardware characteristics than that of laptops and desktops. However, mobile websites are in great demand and these are massively operated in Smartphones as these are easier to access and more convenient since mobile phones are always with us most of the time. With the automatic switching of screen orientation into portrait and landscape mode via rotation, mobile screens make easier view of the websites for the users. Most importantly, people look for secure mobile websites that are safe and user centric. We at Web IT Experts render mobile website solutions to our clients using different type of technology such as CSS3, HTML5 and Java. Our developers are well trained and skillful to develop mobile versions of various websites. Following certain standards of customization for mobile websites, they fulfill the demand for numerous business verticals including m-commerce, education, entertainment, healthcare and social networking. Taking care of all these requirements, we are able to serve Smartphone industry in a huge manner.

Web IT Experts Involvement with HTML5 mobile websites

A perfect platform composing CSS, Javascript and HTML, HTML5 helps in developing excellent mobile websites supporting multiple browsers in mobile devices. Our developers at digiwebxpert utilize supreme features of HTML5 including Geo location, graphics, charts, drag and drop editing, etc. to the mobile websites. Other HTML5 features include:

  • HD multimedia contents
  • Games, animation, movies
  • Special effects
  • Interactive platform with enhanced speed and response
  • Create highly intuitive websites

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With creative and out of the box thinking, our team works in developing smooth running mobile websites for our clients. Web IT Experts ensure high level performance and ascertains that all requirements are met at clients as well as users' end. With assured quality check and high-end security, our mobile websites are always in order. Some of the astounding features of mobile websites we develop at Web IT Experts are as follows:

  • Great mobile user experience driven by advanced mobile device technology applicable for all, basic mobiles to smart phones and tablets
  • Highly customized and prioritized mobile features
  • Innovative designing
  • Faster loading of pages
  • Easy access of information
  • User friendly attributes
  • Highly compatible for all Smartphone screens
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